Dog caring services

Walk and Trot is a combined passion for dogs and poines, and we are here to step in when you need that little bit of extra help. We can also step in when help is required for general pet care, via the following services listed below

Home visits

We can arrange home visits during your busy work schedules, or provide cover for holidays.

Pony care

Extra cover to help with your ponies, stable cleaning, feeding and meds.

Pet taxi

Need help getting to and from the vets, we can offer you a personal pet taxi service.

Dog walking

We offer a unique personal one on one service for your pets, guranteeing to give your pets our full attention.

Feedback advice

Whether you need to speak with us regarding special needs for your pets or you simply want to have feedback from our time spent with them, we are happy to both listen and provide details that might benfit the wellbing of your pet.

Other pets

We can also offer step in help for other domestic pets such as Cats, Rabbits, Birds etc when cover is required for holidays or last minute changes.


TheGamesman saddle offers true close contact between pony and rider making it the perfect match.
Each saddle is unique and built to perfection, only using the highest quality English leather.