How to measure for a saddle horses wither

template showing horses wither

Some key facts worth reading...

Measuring your horse for back width

The ideal width of a saddle varies from horse to horse, and horses are so often wider than their riders think! To take the guess-work out of choosing the right gullet size for your horse, measure your horse. Follow these simple steps: 

You will need:
A suitable measuring tool (or piece of pliable, firm wire) plus Paper & pen

>Start by standing you horse square, on flat, even ground
1. Standing side-on at the shoulder, locate your horse's scapular (shoulder blade)
2. Place you hand on horse's scapular and slide it back to 3-fingers width behind scapular
3. At this position place, the gullet measuring tool across horse's back and press down firmly and evenly on both sides
4. Lift off tool - this is your horse's back template!
5. Lie it on the paper and trace the shape. 
Move the horse around, and retake another template, and trace onto the same paper just above the previous drawing which gives you two patterns (this will show an average width.

From here we can measure the width and create a perfect fit.

Measuring your horse for back length - optional (as the Gamesman rides slighly larger due to how we desgn the tree)

Measure to the last 'floating' rib

For the ideal saddle fit (none Gamesman saddles) it is important to know your horse's back only has a limited amount of 'saddle space', depending on size, breed and type. To work out what the biggest saddle size your horse is most comfortable wearing, follow these steps while standing on one side of your horse:

1. Locate your horse's scapular or shoulder blade. This is a bony ridge that is located at the top of your horse's shoulders, on each side, just below the wither. You want to be able to almost 'hook your fingers in behind the scapular' to know that you have found it. Tip: have a helper pick up your horse's foreleg and move it up and down while you stand side on, watching for the movement at the top of the shoulder.

2. Place your hand on the scapular and measure 3-fingers-width back (away from horse's head). This is point 'A'.

3. Locate your horse's last 'floating' rib. This is at the back of your horse's rib cage and may feel slightly 'springy' when you press down on it. This is point 'B'.

4. Using a dressmakers tape, measure the distance between these two points in inches. 

5. This is the approximate size saddle that would suit your horse. 



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